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Get Investor Ready is owned and operated
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Venture Giant was established in 2010 and has primarily focused on bringing entrepreneurs and SMEs seeking funding for their business ventures together with sophisticated investors, venture capitalists and high net worth individuals looking to invest in UK Businesses.

Having extensive experience and understanding of angel investment services and high-risk funding for innovative start ups and existing businesses, Venture Giant has vetted over 5,000 self certified high net worth individuals, venture capitalists and sophisticated investors. Over 20,000 small businesses and entrepreneurs have signed up to use their service, and they have published publicly over £2.8m of deals.

Venture Giant has represented numerous diverse businesses within various industries and it is this experience and understanding of the complex start-up funding world that has lead to the creation of Get Investor Ready

The learning curve for most entrepreneurs pitching for funding in the UK is immense and Get Investor Ready was created “by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs”.

Venture Giant has been involved in representing numerous businesses from both an entrepreneur and an investor perspective and we fully understand the challenges an entrepreneur is presented with when going after investor funding.

Our goal is to greatly increase the chances of funding for all entrepreneurs by being better prepared and by using The Get Investor Ready Report.

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Entrepreneurs and small businesses looking for investors can visit Venture Giant by following the link and submitting their investment proposal for review. Whatever the type of investment proposal and whichever industry it may be in, you can be sure that Venture Giant is the perfect starting place for finding investment, as our service not only solves the problem on where to source interested angel investors, but also on how to organise and promote your investment proposal to them in a quick streamlined process.


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Get Investor Ready is now part of the Venture Giant Network
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Venture Giant has been featured extensively in the Media and Venture Giant reviews investors that can fund your Startup. Venture Giant can get your Startups proposal sent to it's network of high net worth individuals, angel investors and Venture Capitalists.

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