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Angel Investors are those investors that invest in the new ventures to aid the finances. The angel investors can be found from the social network or you can also browse through your business network. But what if you don’t find the suitable angel investor from these networks? Then you can visit the angle investment networks to find the perfect angel investors. The angel investment networks are the groups of various angel investors looking for investment opportunities in the profitable ventures. The angel investment networks help the entrepreneurs to connect to the angel investors so as to get the funds for their ventures.

Venture Giant – Leading Angel Investment Network

Venture Giant is one of the leading angel investment networks of United Kingdom. This firm collects the information about the sincere and potential angel investors. Then through these angel investment networks, they introduce entrepreneurs to the angel investors. They help the entrepreneurs to connect to the right angel investor to invest in their venture. This one of the popular angel investment networks help the entrepreneurs from any industry find the potential investors. They have the solution for all types of investment proposals. This is one of the leading angel investment networks that offer the platform to both investors as well as entrepreneurs to connect. You can now submit your proposal to this giant amongst the angel investment networks so as to undergo safe and easy process.

Pay on Performance Business Model

When you have decided to explore the various angel investment networks to find the appropriate investor then Venture Giant is the right choice. This is one of the best angel investment networks that work on pay on performance business model. They are very confident about their services and unlike other angel investment networks, they ask for their commission only based on their performance. The payment is taken as advance by other angel investment networks but when it comes to Venture Giant, the payment needs to be made only when they find the angel investor that is interested in making the investment in the venture. Hence, entrepreneur doesn’t need to worry about the payments and commissions unless and until he finds the suitable investor from this one of the famous angel investment networks. The payment is required to be made in the form of membership fees and also in the form of commissions. Other angel investment networks will also charge hefty sum when the entrepreneur decides to sell off the business. The entrepreneur is saved from many such unnecessary payments if they work through Venture Giant.

How To Find Angel Investor With Venture Giant?

While finding the angel investor from any angel investment networks, the first step should be the submission of the investment proposal. You can submit the investment proposal totally free up to 1000 words at this one of the well-known angel investment networks. Thus, any entrepreneur can register for free with this one of the customer friendly angel investment networks. The entrepreneurs can create their proposal online on the website even. Once you have created your proposal online, the next step is to submit the review to Venture Giant that is one of the most trustworthy angel investment networks. You will also get the advice to make necessary changes in the proposal so as to attract more angel investors. If you make the changes as per the guidance from this one of the top most angel investment networks then the chances of attracting the angel investors will increase considerably. Thus, you will get the guidance and support too from this company which is not true with all angel investment networks. After you have prepared and submitted the thorough investment proposal at Venture Giant, they will forward it to various angel investors that are interested in the industry you are working in. This entire forwarding process is carried out by the experts from the company and they know exactly where to forward the proposal. The proposal will be forwarded to various angel investment networks depending on the type of industry. The amount as well as region of the investment will also decide the number of angel investors receiving the proposal. The company being one of the noted angel investment networks is trusted by the angel investors and almost 100 to 1000 investors will receive the proposal. If any of these angel investors contact you and call you for the discussions then you will be asked to submit the fees. The fees are also one time that will include all future contacting from all other angel investors. The fees are usually around £99. This is quite competitive compared to other angel investment networks.

The One Stop Solution

Out of so many angel investment networks in United Kingdom, you can say that Venture Giant is the one stop solution for your entire search related to angel investors, small business funding, venture capital, small business grants and also the business finance. It is the best amongst various angel investment networks and provides equal opportunity for both investors as well as entrepreneurs. The investors trust as they get to invest in the projects with better returns while the entrepreneurs like it as they get enough avenues in form if investors and hence get good opportunity. They offer the investment opportunities to the angel investment networks in the various categories like invention funding, Research and Development funding, seed funding, start up funding, expansion funding or funding for all rounds. Thus, the angel investment networks like this enable the investors to get the best investment opportunity in their kind of business and requirement. The entrepreneurs can also look for the funding in all type of ventures undertaken by them. They can trust this type of angel investment networks as a one stop solution and don’t need to pay further fees to other angel investment networks to look for the investors. They will get the sure shot result once they get registered with this one of the outstanding angel investment networks.


There are several angel investment networks and to find the best one to cater your needs is the difficult process. But when you register with the angel investment network like Venture Giant then there is no need for further worries with its unmatchable service and expert guidance throughout the process of finding the investor.


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