Investment Proposal

Authentic Information Always Attracts Investors

To start any new project or to expand existing projects finance is always required, hence to raise money investment proposal is good thing in today’s commercial world. Investment proposal is a deed prepared by sponsor or management who is going to start new project to attract investors or lenders. To make investment proposal attractive, provide every detail about project such as when it is going to commence, object behind the project, benefits of projects and plans to repay money of investors as well as offered interest. Clear picture about investment proposal; create trust among the investors to invest their money in the projects. Always take help of experts for drafting best investment proposal and provide them every detail such as your expected collection as well as required collection for the project. First make complete study about your project with its future success or failure. Every investor before investing in your project wants to know about your history, present condition and your management abilities to implement the plan. If you are new in market then you have to be very accurate and your investment proposal must be complete for success of project. Established organizations have less stress because of their name and good will in the market.

Nature Of Draft Differs From Business To Business

It is right of investor to known as well as understand your investment and business plan in detail for his satisfaction. To make a good investment proposal always stress out more on your strength such as abilities of your staff and management team and provide information about your previous successful projects. Investment proposal is not only document to attract investors but it is truthful information about project and demonstration of experience as well as expertise. The success of investment proposal always depends on competency used while preparation and your ability to convince investor about factual data of your project. If you are related from real estate or hotel chain then provide every detail about location of project as well as market price of your land in your investment proposal. Besides this you must satisfy investors about clear title of plot and assure them that you have complete right to develop this property. Investment proposal for expanding business or setting up new factory must include all points about capital of company, market value of their share and future profit. Investment proposal from company must focus on strategy and marketing policies as well as other activities of company rather than how goal will be achieved.

Mention Strategy And Implement Plans

Investment proposal must contain business or project description in brief, development strategies and opportunity for growth as well as brief description about the manner in which fund is used. You must promise the investors that funds will not be misappropriated for any other reason. Investment proposal must also include financial results for at least last three years with forecasting future financial position for minimum five years. To show your honesty, indicate the risk factors as well as risk mitigation strategy in your investment proposal. Potential investors always cross check your policy and strategy before investment therefore provide them clear data about income as well as growth business value. Investment proposal must also contain market share of your business, profit opportunities, need of finance and company’s strategy about investors exit from the project. Always go for standard format such as project name, estimated cost, estimated profit, share of the investors and at last summary about project while drafting investment proposal. Inclusion of comments of experts about project, accounting statement, summary of leaders, tables, graphs and brochures make investment proposal more attractive. Besides this you must also mention the applicable government laws and legal action after violation of terms in details.

Provide Detailed Information About Involved Persons

To create a good investment proposal always use clear and concise quality writing to read and understand proposal easily. Sloppy proposals do not provide positive image or build confidence about the project. Hence well written document make good impression on the readers. Initial assessment of an investment proposal is done on basic information such as business concept, customers, products and financial projections. You must provide brief information about business concept with long term strategy as well as previous task record. For final assessment of investment proposal mention information about other partners, financial resources and market size in volume as well as sales revenue. A good proposal always attracts more investors to your project. Investment proposal also give detailed information about task structure such as starting and final date of the project. All necessary activities must be mentioned in the proposal for completing the project. To create more trust and awareness about your investment proposal provide detailed information about qualification as well as experience of involved persons with the projects. Skilful and knowledgeable persons can only complete project in stipulated time. Investment proposal must be developed on the basis of authentic data and must mention source of data in the proposal.

Deep Study About Project Helps To Draft Good Proposal

A complete investment proposal is preliminary key for future success of any projects and any error while designing may spoil basic object of the proposal. Hence always be careful while drafting it. You must consult the industry experts and make deep research about market potential as well as competition from the competitors and your plans about how to tackle them before finalizing your investment proposal. Always create strong foundation for your project with core diversified portfolio. Your investment proposal must mention the conventional asset such as equities, bond and cash with your company. Besides this any tax ramifications and securities for investor’s money must be highlighted in the investment proposal. Every business or project has its advantage as well as disadvantage. Besides this you have to clarify market position and opportunities within the market for the project. Investment proposal must be made according to nature of business or projects to understand clear idea about its future and growth. No one blindly invests money in any project, hence to gain trust of investor indicate total required capital, with its every detail of expenditure and mode investors share as well as offered interest on capital amount. Investment proposal must familiarize invertors with clear idea about prospect of project development with development plans. Hence always provide authentic information about every aspect of the project or business plan to gain the confidence of investors and never lose it by any misconduct.


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