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Just having a Business Plan is not enough to Secure Funding. You need to convince an investor by speaking their language.

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The Get Investor Ready Report will look at the answers you have provided in combination with each other and provide you with a customised report on whether certain aspects need to be looked at in your business plan and/or pitch and what you will need to know for your investor meeting. The report aims to give you a second chance (before you have even needed one) and will arm you with the experience, knowledge and advice to place you in a favourable position to not only impress your investor, but also to secure the funding you are seeking to raise.

Speak an investors Language and Get Funded

The Get Investor Ready report will navigate you over the slippery path on obtaining funding from an investor for any size business. As an entrepreneur, always remember that it is your job to impress an investor from the 'get-go' and our report leverages many years experience that we have gained operating Venture Giant (see About us) that will assist you in impressing your investor and securing the funding you need.

How much is the Get Investor Ready report worth to you?

You will only get one chance to impress an investor and one single red flag in your investment pitch will turn off a potential investor. The Get Investor Ready customised report will provide you with an unbiased second opinion on the information that you are considering presenting to an investor. We charge a one off fee of £59.00 and the report will be approximately 30 pages long, customised to the answers you have provided.


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  • Each answer will be addressed individually in the Get Investor Ready report, highlighting areas of concern and offering advice for improvement.

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