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“We have secured £120,000 of Angel investment through Venture Giant”

Callum McLean
Former Commercial Director of

“Without Venture Giant I felt I had no hope of investment, trying to raise money from banks, friends, family and other business partners was slowly grinding to a negative halt”

John Hughes
Residential Care Home –
Raised £200,000 investment

“I am pleased to say that immediately following the first meeting we were made an offer of investment and after agreeing terms received an investment of £500,000”

Shane Duffy
Commercial Director,
Railway Projects Ltd, Derby

“All the investors I met through Venture Giant were amazing and the investors I turned down were all keen to be considered if future financing was needed”

Sarah Tindle
Woman Entrepreneur,
Closed £50,000 investment deal through Venture Giant

“All of the Investor contacts that I received through Venture Giant were honest, reputable and non service providing”

Gerry O’Reilly
Entrepreneur raised £100,000 angel investment

“Film producer raised 30% of his total film production budget through Venture Giant”

Adam Rolston
Film Producer

“I raised £100,000 on Venture Giant for my Web platform that brings together buyers and sellers in a marketplace”

Gerry O’Reilly
Founder of iTradein.co

“I raised £25,000 and it happened within just a few days of publication of my proposal. This is just the beginning for me”

Stine Richard
Founder, Holla@Me

“I would really really recommend using Venture Giant – it is one of the best Angel Investment networks out there”

Taj Dhunay
Raised £50,000 for Mobile App Development

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